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Leaderboards, relaunch updates, and upcoming roadmap plans

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Thank you to everyone for your patience regarding the lack of access to Leaderboards following Crownnote's launch at the beginning of the year. We understand that Leaderboards are and have been a popular feature for users to revisit their chart data, and while the functionality was fully built before the relaunch, the launch revealed that it was too resource-intensive for users to reliably access leaderboard data.

After reworking the Leaderboards feature, we're excited to announce that user Leaderboards have returned and are faster than ever! Links to each user's Leaderboards are available from their profile pages, including date-specific Leaderboards. Note that the URLs have changed slightly, using the following format: ID&dates=DATES

In the link above, USER ID gets replaced with a numeric user ID from Crownnote's membership list, while DATES can be formatted in one of three ways:

  • A single, four-digit year, e.g. 2021
  • A range of two four-digit years, separated by two hyphens, e.g. 2020--2021
  • A range of two dates in YYYYMMDD format, separated by two hyphens, e.g. 20210401--20210630

On user profile pages (example), those parameters are filled in automatically, so you don't need to find your user ID. In a future update, filters on the Leaderboard page will allow you to specify usernames and dates so you can pull leaderboard information on demand. Leaderboards' point totals and rankings will update in real time as you create new charts, so don't forget to keep your chart up to date so that your Leaderboards are a true reflection of your top songs.

We're still making some performance-related updates to the For You and site-wide Leaderboards, so look for those to roll out soon. Additionally, watch for an update soon that will allow you to download CSVs of your Leaderboards, so that you can access your chart data in spreadsheet format.

If you run into any issues or data discrepancies while accessing Leaderboards, please reach out via the Contact form.

Other recent updates

The most major updates since the site relaunch in January have been quieter behind-the-scenes updates, primarily to improve site speed and various features. Please refer to the previous news post upon the relaunch of the site for an overview of new features that arrived then, including the new Chart Card Creator and export tools for and Spotify listening data.

Upcoming plans

Now that Leaderboards are once again in place, we'll briefly keep our attention there for the previously-mentioned Leaderboard feature updates; then, we'll be focusing on some overdue requests and new features that are on the roadmap. While not a complete list, those include:

  • The ability to clean up data on your charts, to replace incorrect versions of some songs and merge duplicates
  • An improved For You page, with a custom Leaderboard of top songs from the charts of users you follow, as well as other records and stats
  • Tighter Spotify integrations, to allow for audio previews and playlist creation based on charts and/or Leaderboards
  • Embeddable charts, and other ways you'll be able to take your chart data from Crownnote with you to other sites
  • Album charts (we haven't forgotten these!)

How you can support Crownnote

We've had several questions recently about how Crownnote users can help support the site and its development. At this time, we are not considering any options for donations or paid features (though we greatly appreciate your offers!), in order to ensure equal access to features, and to set fair expectations of what is possible: despite using the word "we," Crownnote is fully developed by one person in his spare time.

That said, the site's hosting costs have jumped by about 15% since the relaunch, so we are looking at ways to offset that cost. One option we are considering, and likely to implement, is the addition of a few Google banner ads on the site. These will be as minimally obtrusive as possible, and will likely be less frequently visible to logged-in users versus those who aren't logged into an account while visiting the site. We're looking into other opportunities as well, and welcome any feedback you might have from your perspective as a user and fan of Crownnote.


As always, thank you for your support and continued use of Crownnote! It's music fans like you who keep the site active and push new features to be developed, so please continue to share the site with fellow friends and fans, and reach out with any questions, requests, or feedback.



What do you mean by only one person is developing this site? Surely there must have been external personnel that could also be credited for?

Crownnote is built using an open-source software platform called Drupal, which has other contributors, yes—but custom design, development, non-user-specific content (like these news posts and the Crown 100), social media, etc. for Crownnote itself is all handled by me alone.


Hey, I do daily charts, but sometimes miss days and was wondering if the leaderboard can calculate every day, even those i don't do a chart?

For Example:
After you by Gryffin, Jason Ross and Calle Lehmann spent 25 days being #1 on my chart, the most of any song. However, it is ranked 3rd behind songs that were #1 on the chart for more weeks, but with less total days. Any way we can change that so the leaderboards count days between charts?

This is an interesting edge case, but one that I think I'm unlikely to be able to solve automatically. For days that you miss, I would recommend replicating (or cloning) your chart for the previous day and changing its date to the day you skipped, but leaving all the chart items the same. That would let you fill in the gaps so that songs charting well during days you skip aren't penalized. Let me know if I'm misunderstanding anything!

I would gladly pay $5/month to NOT have banners.

Could there be a premium option? I have my weekly Top 20 dating back to 2013 on here and would love to continue ad free usage while supporting you, Kurt! Glad to see you're enjoying "L'enfer" as well - spent some weeks at #1 in my chart!

I would like to recommend adding "most weeks" on the leaderboard to see which song spent the most weeks in my chart.