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New chart mechanic: Daily and No Points charts

If you've been adding charts in the past two weeks, you may have noticed a small new feature that improves how your charts affect songs' point totals on Crownnote.

Chart type field when adding a chart

While the initial intent of Crownnote was to allow users to post one chart per week, similar to the weekly refresh of the Crown 100, as well as other similar charts like the Billboard Hot 100 and official sales and airplay charts, several of you were interested in posting charts more often. However, posting seven charts per week while most people only posted one meant that points (and thus, the ranking of the early Crown 100 charts, had they not been manually adjusted) were unfairly skewed in favor of those who posted more frequently.  As such, charts now include a Chart Type option with three options:

  • Weekly (the default setting), for use if you only post one chart per week
  • Daily, for use if you're posting more than one chart per week
  • No points, good for monthly or year-end recap charts, for example

When you post a chart with a different Chart Type, your songs' points will be adjusted accordingly. If you're posting special charts, selecting the right Chart Type will help ensure your favorite songs' points stay accurate.

While this is a small update, there's always more on the way – keep tabs on additional Crownnote updates through the blog and the Crowncast podcast (stay tuned for a new episode next week!).