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Crownnote is where music fans share their favorite songs.


Crownnote is a website where music fans can create and share personal charts of their favorite music. Modeled after official industry "hit parades" like the Billboard Hot 100 in the US and the Official Singles Chart Top 100 in the UK, these charts are a ranked list of songs, usually updated weekly. This allows music fans to share their current favorites with like-minded listeners, and document their tastes over time.

The rules for how to rank a personal chart are just that—personal. Crownnote users can create personal charts as often as they'd like, with as few or as many songs as they'd like to include. Most users rank their charts by subjectively listing their current favorite songs in order; however, some base their charts on data provided by, or Spotify, or other tools that calculate play counts (including a radio station that bases it on their on-air playlist!).

When adding a new chart, its songs will receive points based on their chart positions, with the #1 song receiving the most points. Songs' point totals impact leaderboards on the site, and they contribute to the rankings of the Crown 100, Crownnote's 100-position chart of the most popular songs across all users' charts each week. Creating new charts each week ensures users' favorite songs are represented on each Crown 100. Learn more about Crownnote's point system and how it contributes to the Crown 100 charts and overall leaderboards.

Using personal chart data, Crownnote also creates leaderboards for each user that list their overall favorite music. Users can access an overall, all-time leaderboard, or dig into leaderboards for a given year or time period, essentially giving them a time capsule of the music that soundtracked part of their life.

Music is a universal language, and Crownnote intends to allow music fans to share their charts wherever they are. Tools like the Chart Card Creator and export options on each chart make it easy for users to post their charts elsewhere, and export options for charts and leaderboards let them take their personal chart data along with them. On the site, Crownnote users can also follow each other, opening the door to personalized leaderboards and recommendations based on other users' favorites.

Crownnote is fully created and developed by Kurt Trowbridge, and powered by personal charts from music fans worldwide.