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Crownnote is where music fans share their favorite songs.

Accessibility Statement

Crownnote is committed to providing a platform that is inclusive and accessible to all visitors. We strive to meet the Level AA standards outlined in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1.

This page details Crownnote's accessibility features and considerations. As the website continues to evolve, we will revisit these features to ensure accessibility issues are resolved, and update this documentation accordingly. Please contact us (details below) to report any accessibility issues.

Accessibility features

Pages are built using semantic, standards-compliant HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Each page includes a header, footer, and main element to help aid navigation. Headings at level 1 indicate the title of the page, while level-2 headings indicate subheadings, and level-3 and level-4 headings used for additional subheadings under them. Images include descriptive text so that their intent is clear without the need for visual interaction (in the case of album and single artwork, this is often automatic). Form elements include proper use of labels, and help text provides additional information where needed.

Hover and focus states are designed, and links within page content are properly underlined, to clearly indicate interactive elements. Crownnote's brand palette has been tested for standards-compliant color contrast, and only accessible combinations of text and background colors are used throughout the site. Color is never used as the sole source of conveying information on Crownnote. SVG icons are accompanied by text and marked as hidden and non-focusable for screen readers and keyboard navigation.

Keyboard users can navigate through and interact with Crownnote in the same way that a mouse- or touch-using visitor can. Each page includes a "skip to main content" link to provide quick access past the navigation into the page content. Visitors can also zoom each page up to 300% without any issues.

Testing and auditing

Key pages and tools of the website have been tested for accessibility, and as development continues, future additions to the site will also be tested. Pages are tested using the screen readers JAWS for Windows and VoiceOver for Mac OS; reviewed with Windows High Contrast Mode enabled; and audited with several development tools that assess webpages against WCAG standards. Pages are also browser-tested in the latest stable versions of the browsers Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari, both on desktop (Mac OS and Windows) and mobile (iOS and Android) devices.

Examples of pages tested include:

  • A chart detail page
  • A Crown 100 detail page
  • A song detail page
  • An album detail page
  • An artist detail page
  • A user profile page
  • A news detail page
  • A leaderboard
  • The search page, with search results returned
  • The Chart Card Creator tool
  • The Exporter tool
  • The Spotify Exporter tool

Reporting issues

Accessibility is important to Crownnote's mission to allow all music fans to share the music they love. If you encounter any accessibility issues as you use Crownnote, please contact us or email us directly. We will communicate with you and look into any issues as quickly as time allows.

Known issues

  • User charts' intro content may include embedded images or remote video. While accessible media is encouraged and offered where possible, this may lead to content on users' charts that is not fully accessible.
  • Link content for songs and albums is based on their title, and in some uncommon cases (such as Ed Sheeran's album ×, spoken aloud as "multiply"), this may lead to inaccessible link content.
  • The mobile menu's Close button isn't keyboard-navigable when the menu is open.

Last updated: January 1, 2022