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Crownnote is where music fans share their favorite songs.


Welcome to Crownnote!

Hello, and welcome to Crownnote! After just over eight months of development work, including more than three months of generous beta testing with a number of chart creators, Crownnote is now live for all music fans to create and follow charts.

Crownnote was born out of a desire to provide music fans with a more robust, clean method to view and archive their musical tastes week by week. Read more about the site, and how you can begin creating charts and following other fans.

Data is now also being collected from this week's charts toward the very first Crown 100, which will list the biggest songs on Crownnote every week.  The first Crown 100 will be posted on Monday, October 17, including data from charts posted between Sunday, October 9 and Saturday, October 15.  Look for announcements of the chart's leaders on our Twitter and Facebook pages as well.

While I'm very excited about the full launch of this site, I think it's necessary to take a moment to thank the numerous users who participated in the beta period, uploading charts and communicating with me to help solve issues, squash bugs, and improvement chart creation processes.  Thank you to the following users who joined and created at least one chart during the beta period: James, AdamFSoybel, joshw2011, lyhom, juancsantoyo, treborAA, ry4n, Narwhals, popstopthemaxonline, discosean, fancy, DarylPulse, Leaf, Au-dollarsign-tin, Zebra., MTSChart21, thewebinator, JeffRayGun, chicken077, ctsunis234, Shadyfan35, PuggleMaster, indulgecountry, redsea, bboat11, JSG87, toffonews, danG, AH Gold, PeteFromLeeds, RedLives, Jsilv, dhwe, mdh, Taylor Jago, Ultraviolence1989, Dobbo, RobinJuanPersie, Doctor Blind, JosephStyles, awardinary, gaykvetcher, JProd, Cameron_Buzzjack, blue horizon, FlavorlessGum, Leo, and AaronTM.  If you're joining Crownnote as a new user, look through these users' charts, leaderboards, and lists of #1s to find new music fans to follow.

And while today marks the official launch of Crownnote, there's much more to come. Planned improvements to chart creation tools and site performance, features for tracking songs and sharing your charts, and more ideas are on the way. Check back on this blog for more updates, both on Crownnote itself and its charts and users.  Thank you for being a part of Crownnote, and enjoy the music!