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Lena & Nico Santos Better cover artwork

Better by Lena & Nico Santos

From the album: Only Love, L, Nico Santos
142,064 points

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sergejdordij was the first person to chart “Better” when it debuted on August 23, 2019.
Kevin2803 August 23, 2019–November 1, 2019 · View chart history for Kevin2803
sergejdordij August 23, 2019–May 15, 2020 · View chart history for sergejdordij
Andrewjsha_97 August 24, 2019–August 31, 2019 · View chart history for Andrewjsha_97
davyl August 24, 2019–September 21, 2019 · View chart history for davyl
AquaCharts August 25, 2019–November 10, 2019 · View chart history for AquaCharts
FreakyFlyBry September 1, 2019–September 8, 2019 · View chart history for FreakyFlyBry
IloonkaChart December 15, 2019–December 22, 2019 · View chart history for IloonkaChart
V February 13, 2020–May 28, 2020 · View chart history for V
Song number187703
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