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New improvements to No Points charts

Shortly after Crownnote launched publicly in October, new users created Crownnote charts in unexpected, but novel ways:

In order to accommodate these uses of Crownnote, a new Chart Type field was added with an option for "No points" charts (along with a Daily chart option for those who posted more than one chart per week). These charts don't contribute points to songs' overall totals, nor that week's Crown 100 chart. However, there were places were these charts still contributed to figures like week counts where they shouldn't have. Recent adjustments have resulted in the following improvements to No Points charts:

  • On No Points charts like those linked above, "NO POINTS" is noted in blue at the top of the chart.
  • Chart lists, like the Charts section on a user's profile page and on a user-specific song history page, show No Points charts in blue
  • No Points charts no longer contribute to peaks and week counts for a song, neither on a song page nor on a chart
  • No Points charts no longer display peak/week count data, as they aren't relevant to that chart

If there are other places where No Points charts are affecting data where they shouldn't, please leave a comment below.


Thank you! I can post my 2016 top 100 now without messing with the week count for those songs.