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Crownnote is where music fans share their favorite songs.

NOTE: As of January 16, 2022, Leaderboards remain disabled while we continue to troubleshoot speed issues. Other features (chart dropouts, chart peaks/weeks, detailed plain-text chart info) have returned, though we are continuing to monitor for any slow-loading pages.

Please send any feedback or issue reports through our contact form or via Twitter.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work through post-launch issues.

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Crownnote redesign launches with new features, improved personal chart functionality

Crownnote's redesigned logo and branding

After several months of development, discussion, and testing, 2022 begins with a new, improved version of Crownnote, your home for personal chart sharing and music discovery. Chart creation tools are easier to use, while new additions allow for more music discovery and sharing than ever before.

Crownnote’s branding and website has a fresh coat of paint, with a bold typeface and a new logo that positions music at the center of the site. With the software behind the site upgraded to its latest versions, and a new hosting platform that can use more advanced caching mechanisms, posting charts on Crownnote should now be faster than ever as well. Importantly, the website's accessibility has been tuned up to more recent standards, with more rigorous testing in place to ensure all music fans can share and review personal charts.

Chart improvements

Personal charts are the centerpiece of Crownnote, and improvements make it simpler and faster than ever to share your favorite songs on the site.

One common issue with the previous version of the site was that song titles with short names could not be added to charts, because the autocomplete feature wouldn’t surface those songs. Now, charts have a new advanced song selector that will let you filter and multi-select songs to add them to a chart.

Previously, when posting charts, songs’ peaks, week counts, and points weren’t always calculated correctly, and sometimes required you to resave charts in order for the data to be accurate. The new site has resolved those issues: peaks and week counts are accurate across all charts no matter in what order you create them, and points are no longer affected when the number of artists or albums for a song changes.

A new feature on all charts is the ability to see dropouts—the songs that appeared on the user’s previous chart, but fell off on the current one. This is an automatic feature that appears on all charts after they are created, with no additional editing needed.

Lastly, not certainly not least, is the new Replicate tab on charts you have created. This allows you to reuse that chart’s songs and positions on a brand-new chart, where you can edit the date, title, and other information to more quickly update your chart than if you were to manually recreate it. The replicated chart will automatically use a Chart Date one week later than the chart being replicated, but it can be changed as needed. Be sure to publish your new chart after making final edits!

Better personalization and music discovery

While Crownnote users have always been able to follow other users, the previous site didn’t provide much benefit in doing so, aside from showing your support to like-minded listeners. Now, the new For You page provides you with a custom leaderboard from recent charts posted only by the users you follow, giving you quick access to the hottest songs your friends are posting on their charts. More features will be coming to the For You page soon to allow for even more discovery and personalization.

Additionally, you can now subscribe to weekly digests of both the Crown 100 and of charts by users you follow. Both digests are sent via email each week; edit your profile to update your subscriptions.

Expressive, inclusive user profiles

User profiles have more detailed information than before, giving you a link to share with your musically-minded friends so they can keep up to date with what you’re keeping in rotation. See your current chart’s top ten songs, a more detailed history of number-one songs in your chart history, and links to your full chart history and annual leaderboards.

In addition, your profile now includes fields for you to share your pronouns and country, if you so choose. Pronouns allow others to ensure they refer to you how you’d like to be addressed, and country data (not currently displayed publicly) may lead to location-based leaderboards in the future. It is entirely optional to share information for either field.

Crownnote now has a Code of Conduct that all users are expected to follow in order to use the site.

New chart-sharing tools and export options

We couldn’t launch a new site without introducing new tools, could we? Crownnote is your destination for sharing the music you love, and our new additions allow you to access and share your chart data in more ways than before.

First, charts continue to allow CSV and plain-text exports. The latter now more accurately differentiates between debuts and re-entries, and lists the number of weeks at which a number-one song sat at the peak of your charts. CSVs are formatted for easy reimport onto a new Crownnote chart, the process for which is now much more efficient.

A new option linked from your charts allows you to share a Chart Card, an image with your chart data included that you can save to your device’s camera roll and post to social media.

In addition, you can authenticate with or Spotify to access and export your listening data from those services in a CSV format, which you can use to import that data back onto your Crownnote charts.

Here when you need us

Whether you’re getting used to the new Crownnote after using the site for years, or if you’re a new user creating your first chart, we’re here to help if you run into issues. Crownnote’s new Help Center contains multiple detailed articles with instructions and information to help guide your use of the site and document the site’s various features and tools.

If you get stuck or run into any errors, please contact us using our webform, or through your preferred social media or email platform using the links in the footer of any page. Please include any details about what you were trying to do, and if any error messages appear, please copy those along with your message to help us identify and resolve any problems.

Additionally, if you spot any songs with inaccurate information, the existing flag system still works to notify us of any issues.

(Please note that the private messaging system that Crownnote previously used is no longer part of the site.)

What’s next

While today marks a big milestone in Crownnote’s development, we’re far from being done. Many more features are planned in the future, including some long-awaited requests (did someone say “album charts?”). Your feedback is always appreciated as we shape the future of Crownnote for music fans just like you. Please feel free to reach out via the contact form or social media with your thoughts, ideas, and requests. Thank you for being a part of Crownnote!



I like a lot of the new features, but I've noticed that No Points charts now seem to be treated exactly the same as Weekly charts, both on the chart page itself and on a song's history page. Will there be a fix for this at some point?