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Crownnote is where music fans share their favorite songs.

Flagging songs as duplicates, spam, etc.

In order to help keep Crownnote's song list clean, users can flag songs for administrative attention. This is useful in cases of duplication, or if parts of a song's metadata can't be edited by all users.

When logged in and viewing a song's detail page, a "Flag this song" link will appear toward the bottom of the page. Select it to open a modal window with a form that allows you to select the reason you are flagging the song (for example: it's a duplicate of another song, its artist or album data is incorrect and can't be edited, or it appears to be spam). Feel free to provide any additional information in the Details field.

When a song is flagged, the "Flag this song" link will disappear, and the Crownnote team will receive a notification about the flagged song, so that it can be addressed appropriately. Your username will be included along with the other information pertaining to the flagged song, in case we need to contact you to obtain additional information or clarification.

Thank you for helping to keep Crownnote's database clean and accurate!