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How to import chart data

While you can create a chart and add songs to it manually, you can also import chart data from a spreadsheet.

First, create your new chart without any Chart Items filled in, and make sure the chart includes a unique Chart ID. After saving the chart, the public page for the chart will display a file upload field where the chart items would otherwise appear.

To import chart items, along with any new songs or artists that the chart includes that are not yet on Crownnote, create and import a CSV. Copy this Google Sheets template for your own use, or make sure your spreadsheet includes the following columns:

  • Chart ID: the ID you added to your chart. Each row should include a Chart ID that corresponds with the chart onto which you want to import it.
  • Position: the numeric chart position for the song.
  • Artist: the song's artist(s). If there are multiple, separate them with a semicolon and space (for example, Luis Fonsi; Daddy Yankee).
  • Featured: the song's featured artist(s). If there are multiple, separate them with a semicolon and space (for example, Lil Jon; Ludacris). If there are none, leave the column blank.
  • Song Title: the name of the song. Do not include any information about additional artists here.

Make sure that your chart data is correctly formatted with standard capitalization and without any additional characters. Additional spreadsheet columns can be left in your spreadsheet, though they will not be imported.

After creating your CSV, import it on your chart. A progress bar will appear as chart items are imported and (if needed) songs are created; when the import is complete, you'll return to your chart, with its chart items now attached.