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Crownnote is where music fans share their favorite songs.

Following other users

As a Crownnote user, you can follow other users on the site to get updates when they post new charts and find music recommendations through a leaderboard showing the top songs from the music fans you follow.

From another user's profile page, use the "Follow this user" link to start following their charts. They will receive a notification that you have started following them. In addition, both of your profiles will display the new following relationship under the Network section.

After following a user, the "Follow this user" link is replaced by the link "Unfollow this user," which can be used to stop following them. The unfollowed user will not receive a notification that someone has stopped following them, but your profiles will no longer list your following relationship.

Once you are following other Crownnote users, your For You page will include data from the people you follow in two sections. The Charts You Follow section will show you charts from the previous week posted by the Crownnote users you are following. The Leaderboard below it will list the top songs among those charts, based on the points they receive from their chart placement.