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Crownnote is where music fans share their favorite songs.

How to export chart data

Crownnote visitors can export charts, including the Crown 100, either in CSV format or as plain text. The CSV export is formatted so that it's simple to reimport it for another chart, while the plain-text chart includes previous position, peak, and week count information in a readable, shareable format.

Navigate to any chart or Crown 100 page to begin the export process. In the panel that sits to the right (at screens of a typical laptop or higher size) or below (on smaller devices like phones and portrait-mode tablets) the chart data, locate the buttons that are labeled Export chart (CSV) and Copy as plain text.

The CSV export button will download a CSV file with chart data to your device. Included in the file are columns for the song's position, artist(s), featured artist(s), and title. To use this export as the source of data for a new chart, see How to import chart data.

The plain-text button will copy chart data to your device's clipboard, so that you can paste it somewhere else. The contents include a link to the chart followed by one row per chart item, each containing the song's previous position, current position, song artists and title, peak, and week count. If the song is a debut, the previous position will be listed as NE; if it is a re-entry (it has charted before, but not on the immediately previous chart), it will be listed as RE. If a song has reached #1 on the chart, the number of weeks it spent at #1 will be noted next to the #1 peak.